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Security report


Yeah, it make a long time that I didn’t write a thing on this blog, i’m kinda surprised that this is still alive ! anyway, due to recents news about security problem with some technology we used, we want to inform you about how we/you was affected.


Heartbleed is an OpenSSL security hole that allow to dump 64Kb of ram from a server, anyone can exploit it, and we was affected like 60% of the rest of the world.

YayPonies mirror (yp1 and yp2) has been patched against heartbleed the 8th April.

Now, the not fun part, a little bit after this, we decided to support SSL better, so we replaced our certificates, and asked XtraXtreme to do the same for the direct downloads, we switched to full HTTPS for xtraxtreme yesterday …

… Exept that this server wasn’t patched …

The vulnerability has been open from the 15 April to the 17 April for the yp.xtraxtreme.me direct download mirror…

I’d like to remember that we don’t have any personal information on the website, or on the server, so nothing like that could have possibly leak, but we prefer to inform you anyway.

The vulnerability has been closed since.

Freedom Hosting shutdown

We was one (of the rare, apparently) legitimate service to be hosted via Freedom Hosting on Tor, it also affected tormail, now, the problem is pretty simple, the tormail database is in the hand of the FBI, as said here : http://www.wired.com/2014/01/tormail/

We migrated our mails before, but you can be sure that any mail you sended to us before the new address is now sitting somewhere in the FBI office. (But majority of you sended mail from a GMAIL/Yahoo/… address, so it was already accessible easily…)

We switched, since Febuary 2013, to our own mail solution.

Seedbox vulnerability

The seedbox was vulnerable, fortunately, it was running with his own user and wasn’t able to access anything else than ponies in read only, it has been corrected as soon as it was reported, first by stopping the remote access, then by using another solutions.

I may have overreacted just a bit …

Hello everypony,

Everypony has probably seen the Equestria Girls trailer, in case you have not, I encourage you to watch it before continuing reading.

When it was published and posted on our IRC channel, well, I looked at it, but instead of simply looking at it, REALLY looking at it, I started raging … I can explain that easily: I really care a lot about ponies. Without saying too much, when I started watching ponies, I wasn’t feeling that good, I wasn’t expecting a lot from it, and what I have found was just … terrific …

Not only that, but the pony community was doing awesome things (Music, Parody, PMVs, Comics), but the staff themselves were doing awesome things too. (I can’t explain my reaction to seeing Lauren Faust mentioning a 4Chan board !)

And with that, it was really (REALLY) easy to became a part of this community. This website is the proof of that. I watched ponies for the first time only 3 months before we launched YayPonies! I was trusted enough (in 3 months) to be a part of this website development, if I wanted, literally, I was able to destroy all the plans right before launching!

Have also never seen a fandom this generous about what may seem, at first look, not pony related, Bronies who donated to things like Bronies for Good  probably saved lives, for the only reason that a pony said in a animated TV Show that “You got to share, You got to care”!

We even seen somepony giving a unique autographed Derpy in auction for charity, somepony buying it for something like 600USD and finally giving it back to his original seller as a gift ! (here’s an article from mainstream media about that, because even they were surprised! )

So yeah, I love ponies and I really love this fandom, now the problem is simple, Equestria Girls, like Twilight’s Alicornication is a risk, thing can go well but they can also terribly go wrong and put everything to a end.

And that’s the reason why I overreacted about Equestria Girls. I do not want to see all of this going down, not only for us as YayPonies, but also because I really want to listen to next BronyRadio live mix, I want to play new songs on My Little Karaoke games, I want to see new funny (and sometime not so funny) images and videos of ponies in /r/mylittlepony , I don’t want to see everything we built (and by we, I mean pony fandon) disappearing or frozen because lack of interest after terrible managing from Hasbro.

And that the risk I see with Equestria Girls, so when I watched the trailer, I saw everything wrong. I missed an important detail and i started reacting on something that was too abstract for any correct judgement.

Oops, My bad,


Evolution of the site – Fan works

We’re now accepting fan work submissions!

These last two weeks have been pretty heavy for the Brony fandom, with all those Cease & Desist orders against Friendship is Witchcraft and Mane6′s Fighting is Magic, all the drama caused by the documentary being abandoned and so on. We were planning to support fanwork later after season 3 ends, however it looks really urgent to start this now, while these things are happening, if we want to be useful at something.

So how is it going to work? That’s simple: If you’re a videomaker/musician/videos game developer etc., send us a mail that summarises your project, what you have already done, and how you think we can help us, we’ll add you to the project list in the new “Fan works” category and we’ll help you for hosting, legal things and so on.

Know that this may evolve later. We originally wanted to do a project for hosting fan works completely separated from YayPonies, and we haven’t let go of this idea.


YayPonies Staff.

Hello Equestria!

Yay, new blog open, FREE MUFFINS FOR EVERY DERPY !

Sometimes we, as a group, need to type more text than we would to announce things (EG: The Twilight Sparkle sound pack ripped from Lollipop Chainsaw) on Twitter and the like, so we have this.

Sometimes we also have fun things to say, so we’ll put that here too.

What you can expect to see here ? well, some technical information about how ponies are made and all of that, don’t expect lot of post, basically blog is the last thing we gonna do, simply because ponies take time, and when I asked Celestia to make our days longer than 24H, she’s replied to get out … :/

We’ll make sure to attribute our posts with our nicknames, just so you can see that our thoughts are our own.

Director of the eated muffins,


PS : Blog skining isnt finished yet, sorry for the ugly comment box.